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Pin by KimMarie Melnick on Jessica39s sweet sixteen ideas

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Genie photobomb Photo Bombs

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Persistence COUGARFITNESS home ideas

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Blue painted 18drawer apothecary My FavsMust haves in my home

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NoNo Girls Black and Gold Long Socks Elfin Childrenswear Online P

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night Monroe County wreck

night Monroe County wreck

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Christopher Vesely, 42, was headed north in a Lincoln Town Car when he apparently lost control of the car and veered two lanes over near mile marker 182, according to a news release.

As the car crossed the other lanes of traffic, it was struck by a tractortrailer. The car then struck the median wall and was struck by a second tractortrailer. The car was pinned between the two tractortrailers.

No differences within govt over Jet

No differences within govt over Jet

The PMOs clarification came amid objections to the deal, first raised by a Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by CPIM MP Sitaram Yechury, and then by senior MPs, Jaswant Singh and Dinesh Trivedi, and Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy, who shot off letters to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Responding to reports over the IndiaUAE Abu Dhabi Bilateral Air Services Agreement and the Jet AirwaysEtihad equity proposal, the PMO said these reports are factually incorrect and baseless.Referring to the bilateral agreement, it said there is absolutely no disagreement within the government or between the Ministers and the Prime Minister on the matter. The Prime Minister is neither washing his hands off the Bilateral Air Services Agreement nor is the Prime Ministers Office trying to do a Uturn on the issue now. About the stake sale issue between Jet Airways and Abu Dhabibased Etihad Airways, the PMO said this was a distinctly different matter as it was an agreement between two private parties.This is a matter between private parties which needs to be approved by the concerned agencies as per the policies and laws in place. This is not an agreement between governments and there is no question either backtracking from or disowning this proposal as this is not an agreement with the government, it said in a statement. As for the equity stake matter, that is a matter still under examination, it said.The issues raised over the deal have been referred to the Civil Aviation Ministry, Department of Industrial Policy Promotion, Department of Economic Affairs and the Corporate Affairs Ministry for examination and appropriate action as they were concerned with various aspects of the complaints.

Mobile news and weather

Mobile news and weather

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Stephanie Crowe murder case

The Stephanie Crowe murder case

Twelveyearold Stephanie Crowe was found stabbed to death on her bedroom floor Jan. 21, 1998.

But the familys nightmare had only just begun. In the weeks to follow her brother, Michael, then 14, and two of his friends, Joshua Treadway and Aaron Houser, were charged with conspiring to kill her.

Those charges were dropped before trail in February 1999 after lastminute DNA testing found spots of Stephanies blood on a sweatshirt worn by a transient seen in the neighborhood the night of the killing.

The development forced detectives and prosecutors to start the investigation anew and raised questions about the handling of the case.

Part 1 : The night she was killed

Haunting questions: Steve Crowe says he bolts awake every night, tormented by the same dream. He hears his daughters voice. Daddy, help me. Please, Daddy.

Part 2: The arrest

Haunting questions: Michael Crowe, like a lot of teenagers, has an eye for the irreverent. He is a fan of The Simpsons TV show. As a freshman at Orange Glen High School, he thought it was funny to eat lunch on the lawn reserved for seniors.

Part 3: The knife

Haunting questions: On the day Stephanie Crowe was buried, Suzie Houser became concerned about a collection of knives that her son, Aaron, kept in a drawer in his bedroom.

Part 4: More arrests

Haunting questions: Back in the familiar 14by14foot interrogation room at Escondido police headquarters, Joshua Treadway remembered what Detective Ralph Claytor had told him during the overnight interrogation 13 days earlier.

Part 5: In court

Haunting Questions: Mary Ellen Attridge watches the TV news before work. On Jan. 21, 1998, she saw a report about Stephanie Crowes slaying and mused, Im going to wind up involved in this somehow.

Part 6: The bombshell

Haunting Questions: By the middle of last October, Deputy District Attorney Summer Stephan felt her case again was moving forward against the three teenage boys charged with slaying Stephanie Crowe. Two months earlier, a judge who had heard the evidence against Michael Crowe, Joshua Treadway and Aaron Houser had cast doubts about the case. Despite that setback, Stephan was now getting favorable reports from the expert forensic analysts she had hired.

A botched murder case and reader responses: Readers, too, are troubled by the handling of the investigation into the death of the 12yearold Escondido girl and the tactics used in pressing charges against her brother and two other Escondido teens.

The San Diego UnionTribune has been covering this case since Stephanie Crowe was killed. The newspaper has published more than 150 articles about it.

Information for John Wilkens and Mark Sauers May 1116, 1999, series was gathered from thousands of pages of court transcripts, police reports and other documents; almost 30 hours of videotaped interrogations; news accounts; and dozens of interviews.

The scenes and conversations described were either witnessed firsthand or reconstructed on the basis of documents and interviews.

Police detectives declined to be interviewed because of the ongoing investigation of the killing and because of pending lawsuits. Their comments, thoughts and actions are drawn from official reports and statements made under oath during various court hearings over the past year.

Richard Tuite has declined several requests for an interview. The Houser family also declined to talk at length. As with the police, their comments, thoughts and actions are drawn from reports and transcripts of court hearings.

Both the Crowe and Treadway families participated in lengthy interviews conducted since midJanuary. Prosecutor Summer Stephan and defense attorneys Mary Ellen Attridge, Donald McInnis and Paul Blake also were interviewed at various times as the case progressed.

The Astrodome then and now

The Astrodome then and now

As reporters and photographers were allowed free access Tuesday to the Astrodome for one of the few times since the building hosted its final event, they found memories of better days and stark reminders that the Dome in 2012 is a far, far cry from its glory days.

The most visible evidence of the Domes decline were the strips of the football field artificial turf, strewn across the concrete floor as they dry out after being fished two weeks ago from their soggy storage area beneath the north end of the stadium floor.

The turf was stored in an eightfootdeep pit at the stadium north end, near an area where a water leak sparked an electrical fire in 2011, said Mark Miller, general manager of Reliant Park.

Miller said the 2011 fire knocked out electrical circuits, including the hydraulics that controlled the turf storage pit, as water filled most of the pit area.

Workers used pumps to siphon out most of the water, but it wasnt until last month that workers hauled the soggy artificial turf out of the pit and laid it across the Astrodome floor to dry out.

It was there probably for 12 months or more, Miller said. But they say it will be OK once it dries out.

County and Reliant Park officials staged a brief tour of the Dome in 2010, but access was limited to several floors on the stadiums northeast side.

Tuesdays tour was considerably more extensive. Miller led reporters from the stadium floor through the former Oilers dressing room, the Astros clubhouse, the baseball press box and the Star Columbia suites on the stadiums fifth level.

Among the items stored on the stadium floor were the baskets used next door at Reliant Stadium during the 2011 NCAA Final Four, a set of risers formerly used during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, rodeo ticket kiosks and hundreds of plastic stadium chairs.

Veteran radio reporter Barry Warner regaled younger colleagues with tales of the 1960s and 70s Houston teams as they walked through the football locker room and baseball clubhouse, where vandals had broken a pane of glass in the old clubhouse attendants office to the right of the front entrance.

There were faint outlines of players names Paul Bako, Tony Eusebio and others above the clubhouse lockers, and outlines of former Astros MVPs names Jose Cruz, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio and others that had been stenciled in the late 1990s on the concrete walls outside the clubhouse.

Benches and equipment filled the old indoor batting cage outside the clubhouse, and a souvenir batting helmet and other items were piled inside the former concessions storage room.

Upstairs, the only area on Mondays tour that appeared much as it did when the Dome was still operable was the old video control room next to the baseball press box. The room is still filled with old Gateway computers, a reeltoreel tape recorder, instruction manuals for the Domes DiamondVision video screens and other remnants of late 20th century technology.

County officials expect later this year to receive the results of the latest feasibility study on the Domes future. Asked what he thought about its current state, Miller focused instead on memories of better days for the Harris County Domed Stadium.

This building deserves a lot of respect, he said. It served the community well for a lot of years and generated probably 50 times the economic impact that the community spent on construction. Its been a good building.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Team finds a new way to inhibit blood clotting and inflammation

Team finds a new way to inhibit blood clotting and inflammation

CHAMPAIGN, lll. Scientists have identified a group of small molecules that interfere with the activity of a compound that initiates multiple steps in blood clotting, including those that lead to the obstruction of veins or arteries, a condition called thrombosis. Blocking the activity of this compound, polyphosphate, could treat thrombosis with fewer bleeding side effects than the drugs that are currently on the market.

Their findings appear in the journal Blood.

Blood clots are formed at the site of an injured blood vessel to prevent blood loss. Sometimes, however, blood clots completely clog an artery or vein and the surrounding tissues are damaged. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that annually, 300,000 to 600,000 Americans are afflicted with deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, a blocked lung artery that often results from thrombosis, and 60,000 to 100,000 people die each year as a result of these conditions.

There are two pathways that trigger blood clotting. The tissue factor pathway helps stop bleeding if a person is injured. If any of the proteins of this pathway are missing, a bleeding problem will develop. In contrast, the contact pathway is activated when blood comes into contact with some artificial substances. Although this pathway can cause pathological blood clots, humans who lack proteins in this pathway do not have bleeding problems. These two pathways eventually converge to form a common pathway.

In 2006, the researchers found that compounds called polyphosphates can, when released from cell fragments called platelets, activate the contact pathway, said University of Illinois biochemistry professor James H. Morrissey, who led that study and the new analysis.

Because the contact pathway is not essential for normal blood clotting after an injury, interrupting polyphosphate have the bleeding side effects that touching anything downstream of it in the clotting cascade would have, Morrissey said.

The researchers found a variety of positively charged molecules that can bind to the negatively charged polyphosphate molecule and inhibit its ability to induce blood clotting. By adding these compounds to human blood and plasma isolated from the body, Morrissey and his colleagues were able to measure their effectiveness in inhibiting polyphosphate prothrombotic and proinflammatory activities.

The researchers also tested these inhibitors in mice that were afflicted with venous and arterial thrombosis or inflammation, and found that these inhibitors prevented or reduced these negative effects.

this shows is that you could put really potent inhibitors of polyphosphate in and interrupt the clotting system by decreasing thrombotic risk, but probably not increasing a person bleeding risk, Morrissey said. is the proof of principle that it works.

Although the compounds identified would not, by themselves, be good drug candidates, Morrissey said, the new study offers clues for developing more suitable drugs to target polyphosphates.

think that the work going forward would be to identify compounds that would be better drug candidates, he said.

The study team also included researchers from the Medical College of Wisconsin. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health supported this research.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services

, Immunization, and Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor forms are available online and will be part of the Big Book of eForms in May 2013. These forms are required of all students and must be filled out before enrollment. If these forms are not on file by enrollment period the first week of classes, you will not be able to enroll.

Early Decision students may download these forms to your computer, fill them out, and either mail or fax to the appropriate office. You cannot submit the medical forms electronically.

Students who want to have Student Health Services administer their allergy injections must have their prescribing allergist complete and sign the Allergy Immunotherapy forms prior to starting their allergy injections. Please read the information contained in these forms. If you have any questions, please call the SHS office at 4407758180 and speak with our nurse.

Sonia Gandhi may replace Manmohan Singh as PM soon

Sonia Gandhi may replace Manmohan Singh as PM soon

New Delhi, May 13: Congressled UPA, which has been on the spree of rebuilding its tainted image ahead of Lok Sabha elections, may take a shocking but expected decision soon.

According to sources, a part of Congress leaders have been demanding to replace Manmohan Singh as prime minister ahead of the upcoming Monsoon Session of the Parliament.

Meanwhile, the antiSingh Congress group began their query for the eligible candidate for the PM post. According to sources, while many believe AK Antony and P Chidambaram would be two suitable candidates, others support Rahul Gandhi.

Demand for Singhs removal as PM has been doing the rounds following reported difference between Singh and Mrs Gandhi over Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Kumar Bansals resignations as Law Minister and Railway Minister respectively.

It was reported that Mrs Gandhi had forced Singh to ask two of his close aides Kumar and Bansal to stepped down from their posts over coal scam and railway scam.

However, main opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party BJP asked Congress to clarify on its stand on Manmohan Singh. BJP leaders were quoted as saying, Its giving two impressions and the clarifications can be only given by the Congress headquarters. PV Narasimha Rao, who brought economic changes in the country, his dead body was not allowed in the Congress headquarters.

So this is what they do once the utility is over. So this is one impression. The second impression one is getting is that all the flak and all the wrongdoings should be shifted on one person and all the good work is credited to Mrs Gandhi. Thats the other impression. The clarification about which one is true can only come from the Congress headquarters, added the leaders of the opposition party..