Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Before the mind course you wandering in the streets of Lhasa I was the most beautiful lover in the world.

ring lass | repair heart city healing sound,
give you the most soothing quiet time every night,
open reading enjoy the WeChat public number,
enjoy reading anchor and you meet before heart repair time.
please listen to you a song of love.
Tomorrow evening,
please look forward to chatting with Mr.
Fei Yong.
I asked the Buddhas I live in Potala Palace,
is the largest king.
Wandering in the streets of Lhasa,
I was the most beautiful lover in the world.
I asked the Buddha: why not give all women beautiful face? Buddha said: that is only a flash in the pan,
used to deceive secular eyes.
There is no beauty to a heart of pure love.
I gave it to every woman,
but someone made her grey.
I asked the Buddha: Why are there so many regrets in the world? Buddha said: This is a whirling world,
whirling or regret.
No regrets,
give you more happiness,
will not feel happy.
I asked Buddha: how to make peoples hearts no longer feel lonely? Buddha said: every heart is born alone and incomplete,
most with

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