Wednesday, August 9, 2017

In the silence of the night I drew the first lotus Ampquot, night story

ring y and have a good experience of quiet life.
In order not to leave any trace,
when we do anything,
we must devote ourselves to doing it,
and we should concentrate on what we are doing.
You should do it whole,
just like a raging fire,
not a fire of smoke.
- the Zen in the beginning of the heart.
[Japan] Suzuki Juntaka Jackson found the beginning of the heart,
and in the night to record Leona cactus1m,
the editor of photography welcome back,
slow life.
The story slowly read at night.
The late night reading slowly chose the Zen is the beginning of the heart,
the Japanese Zen master Suzuki Juntakas works.
The definition of the Zen Buddhist practice method,
and this book is a departure from the daily release,
Zen is not some kind of excitement,
Zen just absorbed in our general day-to-day affairs.
When the heart is the story and the mood of the people,
meet a timely book,
the feelings will be outside the Bay,
then sit beside the we have the honor to participate in the

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