Monday, August 21, 2017

JMR marketing research journal, April 2016 paper introduction

ring chirp hall on the subject of the latest hot research papers recommended more attention and the study of interpretation found,
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com picture from 500px chirp hall by Cristian M.
first appeared in the original article haw hall,
author: Halo Effect Research of WeenieB 1.
chirp Hall of social media a brand product recall will help or hurt the brand competition? Instant chat tools are becoming increasingly important because of spontaneity,
independence and vividness.
it can be used as an early warning and diagnose the potential problems of car models.
The halo effect (negative or negative spillover effect) refers to such a phenomenon: on a vehicle name (nameplate) negative discussion will increase the negative impression of another series of car.
In some car recalls,
the authors found the effect in 48 models of 4 different brands.
The study found that negative halo effect exists.
It exists in a series of products between the

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