Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sit in trouble but temporarily have a moment of cool, slowly read

ring  read the wonderful experience of meditation has quiet life trouble,
but for a refreshing moment to record,
Leona Cactus1m to walk with you in the rain soaked robes but we have no drop of rain Lotus Park -- May Zen heart in Guangzhou,
after a while in the field of low pressure,
hot air,
walking are full of weariness.
In response to a sudden sense of exhaustion,
we can have a spiritual yoga.
Thursday night,
the mobile phone aside,
and the shortness of isolation,
May slow life slowly read to read the author Suzuki Juntakas Zen in the beginning of the heart.
The mood that is affected by muggy weather,
can read in that night,
restore calm.
In May the theme of the book later slowly read over 7 points,
before slowly read started,
you experience your love has a good selection of the cup,
pour drink,
sitting on the sofa is soft,
early into his world of reading.
Get the book,
we began to read read slowly drink with Zen in the beginning of the heart,
the slow read special drink

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