Monday, August 21, 2017

The best color matching guide in history

ring ontacts QQ:1965667710 source: ZUO design (id:zuodesign2015) 1.
basic tutorial: color composition,
all colors are derived from red,
blue three primary colors.
Someone may subconsciously see colors red green and blue,
but it is not.
RGB is on display colors,
different colors and art.
Red yellow blue 22 mixed three two color color green orange purple.
The primary and secondary hues mixed color and color or mixed and form more and more color,
called color.
The system consists of three primary colors,
the three color and six color components collectively referred to as the twelve color ring (colorwheel),
and also is the foundation of studying color collocation.
advanced tutorial: color matching,
the existence of twelve color ring is not just a decoration,
it cleverly established the color matching system.
Common color collocation: color collocation,
color collocation approximation,
color collocation,
dispersion of complementary color collocation,
triangle opposite color collocation.

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