Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Women's version of Harry, Potter resembles baby, Cannes red carpet on the school beauty has long been like this

ring ,
the sixty-ninth Cannes Film Festival is held in the booming,
shine on the red carpet,
the Gong Li Li Bingbing show predecessors charm,
called a behavior between temperament ah! The young Liu Yifei and Ni Ni also did not stage fright,
even outside the fairy sister Yan burst table values.
In addition to these,
we know a lot of actresses,
there is a Chinese mainland star Jiang Zhenyu also appeared on the red carpet.
The girl is so described through,
young beautiful and quite aristocratic temperament of Jiang Zhenyu wearing a dark V white floor dress collocation,
black bag,
brilliant red carpet pressure.
After seeing the pictures,
many people ask,
the red carpet? This SEI? Then netizens have speculated that it is to buy the red carpet,
after all,
before the Internet has spread a treasure to spend 100 thousand to buy a red carpet.
The girl particularly fast in micro-blog sent a lawyers statement,
accusing the network rumors.
He also made a reason why he came to Cannes,
because he was a

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