Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dad took a helicopter to celebrate the first birthday of his child

ring te the birthday child,
you have what way? Invite 35 friends and relatives to set up a table banquet? Lets organize a movie Is the traditional lottery? Today,
Tsang of Kunming opened a birthday PARTY for his one year old daughter.
The difference was that he opened an air flight birthday PARTY! News came out,
Tsang around friends and family,
there are many friends and small make up an expression! There are understanding,
there are objections,
but also that he is tyrant.
Faced with the tyrant this term,
Zeng himself would like to laugh.
He claimed that he is not more than the nouveau riche,
deliberately show off,
Im just a selling aircraft! He is the general manager of Yunnan Xin Pulaikesi aviation equipment technology company,
is engaged in aircraft and aerospace equipment sales and other work,
so almost every day on weekdays,
contact the helicopter.
In his words,
by plane than the car also convenient this time to let everyone do,
Mr Tsang not only with her daughter sitt

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