Saturday, October 14, 2017

Exposure of Mourinho palm Manchester United 50 million morata netted 20 million bid for Real Madrid

ring d will buy back Morata sold to Manchester United,
although Juventus have won the Serie A title,
Morata in Turin city two seasons have performed well.
But according to Italy media said: football market Real Madrid has been low-key started preparing for the repurchase morata work,
but because of the Champions League final has not started,
so secret.
Because Real Madrid have morata at this summers right to repurchase,
therefore the Milky Way fleet is going to pay 30 million euros to Juventus,
activated a clause.
Italy media said: all the repo work are ready,
when the transfer window opens,
Real Madrid will morata re registration,
then announced morata home.
But Real Madrid bought morata,
can leave is to see the meaning of Zidane,
after all,
the team in addition to Benzema,
no real Madrid striker,
the legend of Aubameyang and Lewandowski has no intention to move to real madrid.
But even if Zidane thinks morata does not need its own tactical blueprint,
Florentino core repo Spain center.
Because mo

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