Saturday, October 14, 2017

The latest report [] world wave harbor Guoan feet away lost by defeat

ring lineup this season in poor state,
seven Harding Park,
1 wins,
3 draws and 3 losses,
in the round case,
actually only the scoreboard from the bottom second.
Plus the FA cup away to Xinjiang,
fatigued by a long journey.
before the game,
more optimistic about the situation is better,
the Hong Kong team on the table.
the Hong Kong side striker El Kessen missed because of injury to the teams ability to attack weakened.
Beijing Guoan start: goalkeeper: 22- Yang Zhi guard: 31- Zhao Hejing,
30- Lei Tenglong,
2- Crimee Mainz,
28- Zhang Chengdong midfielder: 5- Ralph,
6- Zhang Xiaobin,
8- 10-,
21- Zhang Xizhe,
Pu Cheng: Augusto striker 19- Yu Dabao of Shanghai on the Hong Kong debut: goalkeepers: 1-: 32- Junling defender Yan Sun Xiang and 14- golden week 27-,
Shi Ke Rong Wang Shenchao midfielder: 6- Cai Huikang,
10- 21-,
Yu Hai 17-,
Evra Conca,
7- Wu Lei: 3- Jian striker half although national security had poor state,
but it is due to the great pressure from the inside to the out

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